Portfolion Sayens Unissey
Portfolion Sayens Unissey
Portfolion Sayens Unissey

Facial authentication of the future with Unissey

Nov 13, 2023

Unissey, formerly Deepsense, is at the forefront of digital facial authentication. Founded in 2018 by Yassine Mountacif, this French innovative start-up has developed a revolutionary facial authentication solution based on facial biometrics.

The most secure facial authentication

With Unissey, access to your online accounts and services becomes as easy as looking at your screen. No more complex passwords to remember. Unissey's solution lets you authenticate using face recognition.

Unrivalled security

Unissey offers ultra-secure facial authentication. Using artificial intelligence, it checks the user's identity in real time, detects fraud attempts and blocks any intrusion in less than a second.

Advanced Two-Step Technology

The Unissey solution is based on a two-step technology:

  1. Live Detection: This checks whether the user is physically present in front of the camera, thus preventing fraud using photos or video screens.

  2. Facial Comparison: This ensures that the user matches the reference photo, guaranteeing accurate authentication.

For more information, see the original document from Sayens here.