Remote Identity Verification: DOXALLIA adopts UNISSEY’s Facial Biometrics

Jun 19, 2024

DOXALLIA (Crédit Agricole Group), a major player in document management, data, and trust services, and UNISSEY, a specialist in facial biometrics, announce the signing of a strategic partnership. This partnership involves DOXALLIA integrating UNISSEY's facial biometric authentication solution to enhance its offering and provide the best technology in remote identity verification.

As one of the five candidates for PVID (Remote Identity Verification Provider) with ANSSI*, DOXALLIA continues to enhance its dedicated offering to further establish itself as the French leader in trust services. Committed to offering the best innovations in remote identity verification, DOXALLIA now leverages UNISSEY's technology to complete its offering with a facial biometric authentication solution.

Founded in 2018, UNISSEY quickly established itself as the reference in remote identity verification and the detection of fraud attempts via presentation (photo, video, or mask) and video injection (deepfakes) intended to deceive traditional facial recognition systems. Fast and universal, its passive and fully automatic facial biometrics solution is among the most effective on the market, particularly due to its reliability and robustness, guaranteed by its recent ISO 30107-3 certification.

By enhancing DOXALLIA's offering with liveness detection and facial biometrics verification (Facematch), the two partners are creating a comprehensive solution capable of addressing increasingly pressing needs in the fight against identity and document fraud. With this 100% French solution set to be marketed in the second half of 2024, DOXALLIA is equipped to meet various identity verification use cases: password modification/recovery, smartphone unlocking, bank account opening, contract subscription, remote payment, KYC processes, and more.

"This collaboration is a tremendous growth lever for UNISSEY and an opportunity to develop new functionalities in light of the countless use cases of DOXALLIA's clients, including entities of the Crédit Agricole Group. To keep them at the forefront of facial biometrics, we are committed to offering them our latest innovations, such as our upcoming age verification solution." says Yassine Mountacif, President and Founder of UNISSEY.

"As a major trust service provider, we are committed to offering the best to our clients for securing their activities and protecting their customers. This partnership with UNISSEY will allow us to optimally meet their remote identity verification needs. Banking, insurance, real estate, regulated activities... there are many sectors to develop, providing numerous opportunities for us to further establish ourselves as leaders in trust services." states Renaud Bac, General Manager of DOXALLIA.

*French National Agency for the Security of Information Systems

About DOXALLIA (formerly DOXIO)

With over 400 clients and 60 million euros in revenue, DOXALLIA is a major player in document management, data, and remote identification. A trusted service provider established over 30 years ago and a 100% subsidiary of Crédit Agricole, DOXALLIA covers all paper and digital processes through four business areas: customer communication, digitization and archiving, digital platforms, and certification and security solutions. A French company fully located in France, DOXALLIA employs over 500 people across 9 production sites, staying close to businesses and driving their local regions. www.doxallia.com

About Unissey

To combat identity fraud, Unissey provides an identity verification solution based on powerful AI-driven facial biometrics technology that enables:

  • Liveness detection, to ensure the person is genuinely present behind the screen.

  • Facial comparison, to confirm the individual is who they claim to be.

  • Age verification, to ensure the person is of the appropriate age.

Certified ISO 30107-03, Unissey is now the European leader in facial biometrics identity verification, offering a secure, intuitive, and accessible digital experience for all.

Press Contact:

Agence Epoka - Nicolas Crepin : ncrepin@epoka.fr - 06 52 32 10 11