Your face becomes your new password

Sep 1, 2023

A complete and secure access to the digital world is a dream come true. No more stressing over the loss of your login and password. Unissey has the solution that guarantees us better days on the internet. Yassine and Sébastien give us all the information we need to walk us through this journey, in a simple language accessible to all.

Unissey, the solution for an ultra secure digital world

The rapid evolution of technology has gradually changed the way we live and interact with the world around us. Today, we are at one click away from both everything and nothing. We shop online, we order our meals online, we have the possibility to receive everything within minutes. We can no longer live without these conveniences. However, every evolution comes with its advantages but also its disadvantages. Among them, the most common are of course hacking and loss of sensitive user data. It has become more and more complicated to shop online without the fear of having your credit card number stolen, facing identity fraud or, and the most common of all, the loss of your login and password.

How can we stop these problems related to the growing access of our services in the digital world?

Facial biometrics seems to be THE viable solution and Unissey vouches for this technology that will change the way we look at the possibility of living in an almost totally digitalized society and doing so safely. But how does it work?

“Facial biometrics is both very secure, because it is linked to the unique physiological characteristics of each individual. Simple because the face is a “password” that cannot be forgotten. Our solution will provide real answers to this problem. We will also offer the user, security for his data as well as much easier daily access.”
- Sébastien Brangoulo, CRO at UNISSEY

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